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Class Next Class Time Cost
4 Week Basic Beginner Course Sep 23 (Sat)
11:30 am
$48 for 4 Weeks
7 Week Polishing the Basics Bellydance Course Sep 27 (Wed)
6:30 pm
$84 for 7 Weeks
7 Week Continuing Bellydance Course Sep 27 (Wed)
7:30 pm
$84 for 7 Weeks

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There are no upcoming class sessions listed at this time.

Beginner Bellydance level 1  by Amar Gamal (AG Method 1)

Instructor: Amar Gamal


Bellydancing is an expressive art form that celebrates the feminine body of all shapes, sizes, ages and cultural backgrounds. The movements will help stretch and tone your body, increase your stamina, body control, and help promote a confident body.

This class is designed for students new to bellydance and those existing students looking to clean up their basics technique. In a simple and fun format students will learn full

break‐downs of some of the basic movements. Each week we add the moves together to create one short, and fun choreography.  This course is easy to follow, easy to retain, and fun!  No previous dance experience needed.

Wear comfortable workout clothing, a scarf to wrap around your hips (hip scarf) and bare feet.   *Pre-registration required / Ages: 16 to adult


Bellydance level 2 & 3 by Amar Gamal (AG Method 2 & 3)

Instructor: Amar Gamal


This class is designed for students that have previous knowledge of bellydance (AG Method 1) and want to continue to explore the art of bellydance.

We will polish the basic moves and add new variations to them. New steps will be introduced each week, putting them together in step‐combinations and layering. Styling, improvisation, musicality and choreography will be explored.  Get ready to sweat this class is fast paced and high energy!

(must take 2 series of beginner level 1 or have teacher permission)

*Pre-registration required / Ages 16 to adult



$130 for 8 Week Course (1 hour class)
$16 for Drop-in class (*Bellydance 2 & 3 class only)


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Pre-registration is required as space is limited

No-shows or cancellation within 24 hours will not receive refunds



Arts at the Armory

191 Highland Avenue

Somerville, MA

between Davis and Union Squares



  • Bellydancing is an expressive art form that celebrates the feminine body through it’s uniquely designed movements. The movements are characterized by intricate body isolations with a main emphasis on the hips and torso. However, the entire body gets a full low impact workout. The movements will help stretch and tone your body, increase your stamina, body control, and awareness. Bellydance is for all ages, body shapes and cultural backgrounds. Come celebrate this beautiful feminine art form in a supportive and fun atmosphere!
  • Wear comfortable workout clothing, bare feet and a hip scarf (hip scarves are available for purchase at the studio).
  • Please inform the teacher before class of any injuries.